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"IRINN fee structure change for all affiliates from 1 January 2022".

Today IRINN is announcing that the fee schedules for IRINN Affiliate will change from 1 January 2022.
From 1 January 2022, on renewal of Affiliate accounts, IRINN annual fees will be calculated using the following parameter values:
• The one time ‘Affiliation Fee’ is 27,500 INR
• The ‘Base Fee’ for Affiliate is 27,500 INR
For easy reference, the below tables provide the new fees for Affiliates in detail One Time Affiliation Fee 27,500 INR
IPv4 Fee
IRINN (New Price) Annual Fee Calculator(IPv4) 27500 x1.35^ (Log2(Addresses)-8)
/24(256)IPv4 Cost 27,500 INR
/23(512)IPv4 Cost 37,125 INR
IPv6 Fee
Annual Fee Calculator(IPv6) 24,198.9 x l.35^ (1og2(Addresses)-22)
/48 24,198.9 INR
/32 44,102.49 INR
If you have any questions on how this will impact your fees,
please contact the NIXI Customer Care[[email protected]]