As an affiliate, you can login to the MyIRINN portal to manage your contents and your resources. The MyIRINN portal within the IRINN website is a secure and customizable section of the IRINN website, dedicated to affiliates.

-   MyIRINN will let you manage:

  • Reverse DNS delegations
  • Contact details
  • IP assignment registration to your customers and within your network infrastructure

As an affiliate it is your responsibility to keep your contact and other information updated.

Update registration

The IRINN Whois Database is an official record that contains information regarding organizations that hold IP addresses and AS numbers in India.

Each organization that holds Internet resources is responsible for updating its own information in the database. As the database is used to assist with network troubleshooting and to help track network abuse, it is extremely important to ensure the contact details are accurate and updated.

Public or private assignments

Each organization can choose whether or not to designate its assignment or sub-allocate the registration to be 'public' or 'private'

Public assignment: Others can view a company's holdings on the IRINN or APNIC Whois Database

Private assignment: Any database record directs a specific whois enquiry to the holding organization, and the details are not available to the public.

Register Route Object

IRINN provides Routing Registration Services for all IRINN affiliates. To use this service an affiliate will need to register a route object, which represents routing information, including IP address ranges and AS numbers in a compact form in the IRINN Whois Database.

According to the IRINN address space management policy, it is not mandatory for an affiliate to register a route object. However, from a network operation point of view, you may be required to register a route object with IRINN. Some ISPs and network operators use route object information in the Internet Routing Registry database to:

- Debug routing problems

- Automatically configure backbone routers

- Perform network planning

It is IRINN's suggestion that an affiliate must discuss the requirement of registering route objects with its ISP.

Forward translation

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a globally distributed Internet service. It is a hierarchical naming system where easy-to remember names are translated into the numbers required for devices to network across the Internet.

Reverse translation

If anyone owns a domain name and wants to find out the IP address that name belongs to, one can query the numerical hierarchy that co-exists with the name hierarchy: the reverse DNS.

Reverse DNS delegations allow requesters to map to a domain name from an IP address. Reverse delegation is achieved by the use of pseudo-domain names in (IPv4) and (IPv6).

IRINN Services

These services are exclusive only to affiliates of IRINN

Resource Registration Service

IRINN main purpose is the allocation and registration services for IPv4 & IPv6 addresses, Autonomous System or AS numbers and related Whois Database for IP address look-up and reverse DNS delegation.

Various policies are applicable at the time of application so that the management of the allocation and assignment of IPv4/ IPv6 address space is easy, the administration smooth and the allocation fair. Therefore the allocation policies are based on the principles of neutrality, impartiality and openness.

To ensure faster processing smaller sized ISPs should apply for IP address through LIRs or agents of IRINN, however applications for larger quantity of IP addresses (/24 and more) must be addressed to IRINN directly.

Evaluations for all resource applications are based on current and provisionally-active policies.

IP address space is not reserved during the application process.

IPv4 & IPv6 Allocation

One of IRINN role is the allocation or assignment of IP address space to organizations. Address spaces are assigned to organizations for specific use within their Internet infrastructure. These assignments are made for specific, documented purposes only and the addresses can not be re-distributed or sub-assigned by the organizations further.

Address space is considered allocated when an Internet registry or other organization is given the right to use address space for subsequent distribution as either a customer assignment or portable allocation. In both cases, all IPv4 and IPv6 address space distribution must conform to the goals of address space management.

IPv4 and IPv6 resources are allocated only to affiliates, since IRINN is a not-for-profit affiliation type organization. Those organizations desirous seeking allocation of IPv4 and IPv6 resources must apply for an affiliation.

A affiliation is payable on an annual basis for the same and it is computed on the basis of the address resources required by the incumbent organization. In case of renewal of affiliation, the annual fees is calculated on the basis of the resources held by the organization.

It must be noted that the fees for IPv4 and IPv6 components are calculated separately, however the higher of the two amounts is chargeable as the annual fees.

IPv4 Component

A affiliate's total IPv4 address holdings, including that were transferred from APNIC to IRINN and those of IRINN-allocated address space, will be used to assess the IPv4 component of the annual affiliation fee as follows:

Fee IPv4 = 25,000 lx 1.35^(log2(number of addresses)-8)

IPv6 Component

The affiliate's total IPv6 address holdings, including that were transferred from APNIC to IRINN and those of IRINNallocated address space, will be used to assess the Ipv6 component of the annual affiliation fee as follows:

Fee IPv6 = 21,999*1.35^(log2(number of addresses)-22)

Autonomous System (AS) Number Assignments

IRINN shall deem an organization eligible for AS Number assignment if it operates at multiple locations and has a clearly defined routing policy, which is different from the routing policies of its service providers.

An organization shall also be considered eligible if it can demonstrate that it will meet the above criteria upon receiving an AS number.

Affiliation Structure

IRINN Affiliation is open to all individuals and organizations.

Any organization that holds IPv4 and IPv6 resources shall be deemed to be an affiliate provided it has continued to pay its annual affiliation fees.

There shall be two categories of IRINN Affiliates:

a) Affiliates – Individuals, Body Corporate, Academic Institutions, incorporated or established in India, under the Indian laws, as the case may be, shall become a direct Affiliate of IRINN, provided such organizations do not operate any business similar to a LIR.

b) LIR (ISP) Affiliates - A Local Internet Registry (LIR) is an IR that primarily assigns address space to the users of the network services that it provides. LIRs are generally ISPs licensed by the Department of Technology (DoT), Government of India and Data Centre Operations whose customers are primarily end users and possibly other ISPs. Any organization that holds IPv4 and IPv6 resources shall be deemed to be an affiliate provided it has continued to pay its annual affiliation fees.

Affiliation Fees

A new affiliate shall be charged with Resource application fee of Rs. 25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand only/-) plus applicable Taxes. Irrespective of whether the applicant avails the IP resources immediately or later than the period of application, this application fee will be charged for all new affiliates.

  • Transfers from APNIC

Affiliation Reactivation Fee

An Affiliate who has been terminated from the Affiliation for non-payment of Affiliation fees may be returned to Affiliation by paying a "Affiliation Reactivation fee" of Rs. 25,000/- plus applicable Taxes in addition to payment of any outstanding unpaid fees. This option is available for a limited period of three months from the date of Affiliation termination, after which time all previously allocated and assigned resources are subject to reallocation.

Affiliation terms are effective for one year. IRINN Affiliates must renew their affiliation every 12 months to keep the affiliation account open.

Renewal reminder

An annual affiliation renewal reminder is emailed to all Affiliates about 30 days before the affiliation expiry date.Annual affiliation fee calculations are based on the total number of IP addresses held under your account on the anniversary of your IRINN affiliation.

Your Affiliation Tier is also based on the amount of address space held

IRINN reviews Affiliation Tiers each year upon renewal and adjusts them if the total address space allocation varies from the address limit for the current affiliation tier.

You may choose to join a higher affiliation tier but may not attempt to select a lower tier than the one determined by your address resource holdings.

Upon Affiliation expiration

Renewal fee payment

Upon account expiration, the invoice for affiliation renewal, together with the payment instruction letter, is emailed to affiliates.

The affiliation fee is based on the account's Internet resource holdings as of the affiliation anniversary date

A hard copy of the invoice may also be obtained via MyIRINN under Administration > Billing history or upon request.

Payment Guide

When paying affiliation fees:

Please include the invoice number and affiliation account name in the payment details to avoid processing delays

To enable convenience and smooth transaction, payments to IRINN may be made to IRINN via various modes:

  • Cheque or Demand drafts drawn in favour of 'National Internet Exchange of India'
  • Online Payments through Credit or Debit Card or Internet Banking

All payments are due within 30 days of the affiliation expiry date, or upon receipt of the invoice. Failure to pay IRINN affiliation fees will result in suspension of services and a withdrawal of all resources previously delegated or transfered from APNIC.

In case of cheque getting bounced or dishonored, a charge of Rs. 250/- would be levied.

How do I return Internet resources?

Your annual affiliation renewal fee is directly related to the amount of Internet number resources you hold on your affiliation anniversary date.

If you wish to return your resource holdings, please contact the IRINN Helpdesk as soon as possible and provide details of the resources that need to be returned.

Please note that the resources must be returned to IRINN before your affiliation renewal date to be eligible for a revision of your renewal fee.

Return of resources procedure

  • Keep your contact details up-to-date
  • To ensure your annual affiliation renewal invoice arrives at your billing department, it is important to keep your affiliate contact details up-to-date.
  • It is the responsibility of the affiliate to inform IRINN of any changes to their billing address and contact details
  • Late payment as a result of incorrect contact details is the responsibility of the affiliate.
  • Please contact us to update your contact details. Alternatively, affiliates can log in to view and update their billing and contact details via MyIRINN

Once IRINN receives your renewal fee payment, your affiliate status will be changed to OPEN and your affiliation account will be renewed again the following year.

  • i) Due Date – 30 days from the date of billing
  • ii) Reminder Policy – 15 days before due date, 7 days before due date and on due date.
  • iii) Grace period – 15 days grace period (after due date) will be given to the Affiliates during which he can seek re-connection without re-connection charges. During grace period, services will continue without break.
  • iv) Re-connection – Re-connection charges will be Rs.5000/- or 2% of the yearly charges whichever is more. For first 02 months no interest will be charged on the outstanding. From 3rd month onwards, 12% interest will be levied on outstanding.
  • v) Retaining the Resources – Resources allocated to a dis-connected Affiliates will be reserved for six months from the date of billing after which IPs will be made free for sale in the open market as per Policy issued by APNIC from time to time.

Account Reactivation

An Affiliate whose affiliation has been terminated for non-payment of outstanding dues may be returned the affiliation, if the defaulting affiliate pays a "Affiliation Reactivation Fee" of Rs. 25,000/- plus applicable taxes in addition to payment of the outstanding dues(w.e.f. 1st January 2019).

This option is available for a limited period of three months after affiliation termination, after which time all previously allocated and assigned resources are subject to reallocation