Resource Application Fees

A new affiliate shall be charged with an application fee of Rs. 25,000 (twenty five thousands rupees only). Irrespective of whether the applicant avails the IP resources immediately or later than the period of application, this application fee will be charged for all new affiliates. The same is not applicable for those affiliates who transfer from APNIC and become a new affiliate of IRINN.

Affiliation Reactivation Fee
An Affiliate who has been terminated from the Affiliation for non-payment of Affiliation fees may be returned to Affiliation by paying a " Affiliation Reactivation fee" of Rs. 25,000/- plus applicable Taxes in addition to payment of any outstanding unpaid fees (w.e.f. 1st January 2019). This option is available for a limited period of three months from the date of Affiliation termination, after which time all previously allocated and assigned resources are subject to reallocation. .