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National Internet Registries or NIRs are responsible for managing and registering numeric Internet address resources; namely, IPv4 and IPv6, AS numbers, and reverse DNS delegations. IRINN is the National Internet Registry (NIR) for India.

All applications for the allocation of resources will be based on the policies of IRINN, both active and provisional. And during the application process, IP address space will not deem to be reserved.

The allocation of IP address space will happen only once the applicant organization becomes an active affiliate of IRINN.

Existing account holders can also request for more resources by logging in to the MyIRINN

If you are not an IRINN account holder, you must first apply for a affiliation.
To apply now, click here

Once you have applied, you will receive an email with a tracking number to confirm your application. Please remember to quote the application number and account name if you need to contact IRINN for any inquiries or details

Note: Organizations may only receive Internet resources only if they meet the criteria for allocation as per the prevailing IRINN policies.

Please ensure to provide the following details with total clarity so that your application may not be rejected.
Organization details: To complete your application, you must provide the following information: Your full organization details (including contact names and billing address.)

Provide contacts: All assignments and allocations are registered in the IRINN Whois Database, so it is necessary to provide accurate contact details to assist in Internet troubleshooting at all levels. The registration of resources also ensures that every assignment and allocation of address space is guaranteed as globally unique.

-  IPv6 Now
If you are an IRINN affiliate and already have IPv4 and don’t have IPv6, but need it now, you might be eligible for an instant allocation, no forms to fill and no incremental fees.

-  Check your Eligibility
Do you meet the criteria to receive IRINN resources?
Before applying for numeric Internet resources, you should refer to the associated policies to determine if you are eligible to receive them.